We cost-effectively achieve successful results for our clients.


Our positive relationships with relevant government agencies mean, in the vast majority of cases, we get great outcomes without litigation.


When court action is required, we have the skills, experience and expertise to get the job done.



Woods Fletcher & Associates provides a number of immigration law services. We advise people on the best of way of obtaining student, visitor, work, and residence visas, as well as permanent residence and citizenship. We represent people to Immigration New Zealand in sensitive situations. When necessary, we also take appeals to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal, and deal with applications to the High Court, the Minister of Immigration, and other government agencies like the Ombudsman. For more information please call Richard Fletcher at 04 499 8933, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Immigration services:
    • Visitor Visas
    • Student Visas
    • Work Visas
    • Talent Visas
    • Long Term Business Visas
    • Residence Visas
    • Initial assessments of immigration options
    • Official Information requests
    • Section 61 requests for persons unlawfully in New Zealand
    • Advice to persons at risk of being deported from New Zealand
    • Letters to the Minister of Immigration
    • Requests to the Ombudsman
    • Appeals to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal
    • Appeals to Courts
    • Advice on rights and obligations under the Immigration Act 2009


The firm represents clients in a range of employment law matters. This can involve negotiation, mediation and appearances in the Employment Relations Authority, Employment Court and appellate courts.Most clients are represented by our principal, Richard Fletcher, an experienced employment law practitioner.For further information on the employment law services we provide, talk to RichardPh: 04 499 8933.


The firm has provided a range of entertainment law services to clients. Our principal, Richard Fletcher, has a passion for Entertainment law and has represented musicians, film makers and others in a range of contexts. Richard can draw on extenstive contacts in the United Kingdom and USA to assist.For more detail on entertainment law services talk to Richard Ph: 04 499 8933.

Public Law

Our firm provides an array of public law services. These include advice on government processes, administrative, resource management and local government law. In this context, our Principal, Richard Fletcher has appeared in the Environment and High Courts and the Court of Appeal, and used other legal avenues such as the Ombudsman and Controller and Auditor-General to resolve issues. For further information on the extent of public law services we offer, talk to Richard Fletcher Ph: 04 499 8933.

Dispute Resolution

We advise and represent clients who have private legal disputes, such as those involving contracts. Our principal, Richard Fletcher, has advised clients in disputes over the ownership of closely held companies, and has represented clients in the District Court, the High Court, and in specialist tribunals

Latin American Collaborations

Our firm supports connections between New Zealand and Latin America.  We advise and represent Latin Americans in New Zealand as part of our immigration law service.  We provide legal, cultural, and commercial advice to Latin American businesses and organisations operating in New Zealand.  We want to build strategic relationships Latin American businesses, officials, and people in New Zealand.  For further information, talk to Richard Ph: 04 499 8933