We provide a number of immigration law services. We advise people on the best way of obtaining student, visitor, work and residence visas, as well as permanent residence and citizenship. We represent people to Immigration New Zealand in sensitive situations. We have the skills to progress cases to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal when required and to deal with applications to the High Court, the Minister of Immigration and the Ombudsman


Our services include:

  • Vistor visas


    Work visas

  • Travel visas


    Long Term Business visas


    Residence visas

  • Initial assessment of immigration options

  • Official information requests

  • Section 61 requests for persons unlawfully in New Zealand

  • Advice to persons at risk of being deported from New Zealand

  • Letters to the Minister of Immigration

  • Requests to the Ombudsman

  • Appeal to Courts

  • Advice on rights and obligations under the Immigration Act 2009